Android Phones IMEI Null (invalid) repair {Guide}

Hallo to all,

Those days i see many users asking to help For Chines android phones imei repair i don't know why still users face this problems
here we have good imei tool (Maui META) for imei repair and easy to use Here i will see some threads

micromax a72 imei repair
please help how to repair imei in a72 ... ? :(
Micromax a72 imei problame
mt6575 android imei remain same after change pls help

Anyway here i will guide u to all how to repair imei in chines android phones With Maui META tool

Produce :-
  • Power on phone
  • connect phone to PC
  • asking drivers give him
  • than turn off phone
  • Open maui META tool
  • In Options trick 2 one ( Connect smart phone into a META mode)
  • press Reconnect
  • than inset cable
  • asking CDC drivers give him
  • after 1 min popup imei tool tab
  • than press ( Change NVRAM database file) and give it
  • than give both imei ( What u need like 35 or 911 etc )
  • than press Download to flash

Note :- 2 things mainly problem face all users
1. stock on cdc drivers ( i will attch this drivers )
2. Stock on (NVRAM database file) mostly user can't select file that's why field to write
Here is the link all BPLGU modem files All Mtk BPLGU Modem files for Imei change.rar
Here is the Latest Maui META tool
MauiMETA_3G_exe_v6.1316.1 MauiMETA_3G_exe_v6.1316.1.rar

* For this tool change imei U no need to root Ur phone
Attached Files
File Type: rar Android_Gadget_CDC_driver.rar (1.8 KB, 228 views)


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  2. *#*#3646633#*#* use this cord n go gprs setting manual put imei

    1. that how I dixed lost IMEI using that command on Acer liquid Z500 dual sim

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