Nokia 1616 test mode problem solution ways

If you have test mode and local mode problem in Nokia 1616 then this post will help you to solve these issue easily by following a few steps. A repairing diagram is also given in this post to solve nokia 1616 test mode solution.All cellular phone solution Nokia Asha 201 Insert Sim problem Solution Jumpers
Nokia 1616 test mode problem solution ways
Keep in mind after dis assembly of Nokia 1616 look at the whole mother board for carbon water damages and rust. Make it clean with electronics cleaner and apply heat so that it can be dry smoothly. Do not apply much heat because much heat can harm your skin and may can damage the mother board.
In case of test mode or local mode in nokia 1616 check the above diagram and track all these links winch are given in different colors. so that you can find out which parts are used in it.

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