NOKIA 5230 Not Charging solution no response problem solution

if we plug in charger into Nokia 5230 charging jack and it shows not charging instead of saving can be fault of charging jack or may be due to some parts.some time it can be cause of in first step replace charger and if problem will not solve then dis assemble mobile phone.Nokia 100 Mic Problem Solution Jumper Ways

check whole board for rust carbon or water damage clean mother board and apply hot air so that it can be dry complete.positive link is shown with red line and green is to define ground.ground can be jumper with any ground point while in positive path you can check all parts and links if any link is not working apply jumper and if it is needed then replace parts those are missing or damage.
for more detail and new tips and tricks about cellphone service problem keep visiting this page we will update cellphone service diagrams timely with new cellphone diagrams.some related post are also given bellow you can read them also for more information about cellphone.

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