Nokia E52 Handfree IC Not working headset problem solution

If you find a handfree problem in Nokia E52. Hand free open Handfree not detected problem it can be solve with a few easy steps that i will write in this post. A headset repairing diagram is also attached with this post that will show you the main parts that are used in headset function in Nokia E52.Nokia C5-03 Volume Keypad Lock keys not working Solution
Nokia E52 Handfree IC Not working headset problem solution
So once you have review the repairing diagram for Nokia E52 clean headset jack and these parts that are identified in above diagram. Clean them with electronics cleaner and apply heat to dry the mother board.Do not apply much hot air because it can harm you skin and may can damage the mother board.
Remove the ic and apply jumpers as shown in section one of the diagram Then change the second part which is given in repairing diagram for handfree problem in Nokia c5-00.
for more detail and new tips and tricks about cellphone service problem keep visiting this page we will update cellphone service diagrams timely with new cellphone diagrams.some related post are also given bellow you can read them also for more information about cellphone.

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