Nokia E52 Lcd display Solution White Blank Display Problem Jumpers

Nokia E52 Lcd problem solution, Nokia E52 Lcd White display, Nokia E52 blank display. All these problems can be solve by following a few steps that I am going to describe here in this Solution of Nokia E52.Look at diagram c1-02 light problem solution jumpers Tested 100% 
Nokia E52 Lcd display Solution White Blank Display Problem Jumpers
In above diagram you can see some red lines these lines are given to identify components that are used in Nokia E52 display and lcd functions.After dis assembly of Nokia E52 replace lcd panel with new on and check it may can be the fault of lcd.
If replacement of lcd can not solve the display problem in Nokia C5.You can clean mother board and specially these parts that are inline with red color. Because there may can be some rust carbon or water damages.
Dry the mother board with hot air.And re sold or re flow these parts that can solve Nokia E52 display problem. Nokia E52 display solution is also possible with replacement of these parts.
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